VIR Filter is a variable resolution, high precision equalizer and simply the most powerful method available for achieving an arbitrary frequency response. It offers incredible accuracy and far more eļ¬ƒcient implementations than alternative EQ technologies.

VIR achieves this with selectable frequency resolution, which dramatically outperforms high-order FIR equalizers, particularly in low-frequency correction. VIR also provides more precision than traditional parametric equalizers and achieves a detailed response using a fraction of the computations.

  • Arbitrary EQ
  • High precision
  • Scales to higher sample rates efficiently

VIR Designer

VIR Designer software is used to measure acoustic power and create a correction VIR EQ.

Auto EQ

VIR Designer automates the measurement and EQ synthesis process. With either single-point or multi-point measurements, VIR Designer measures any space or speaker. VIR Designer can be integrated into a product to create a complete auto EQ solution. VIR EQ synthesis is non-iterative so creating a new VIR EQ is fast and deterministic.

Multi-point Measurement

The composite of many measurements performed by VIR Designer take into account directivity patterns and room reflections and modes at multiple listening positions. This ensures a more accurate EQ, correcting the response the listener will actually hear.

EQ Customization

The generated correction EQ can be adjusted with a target curve which enables you to craft your own custom sound. VIR EQ synthesis is quick which enables real-time EQ adjustment and audition.

  • Measure a speaker or a room
  • Single or multipoint measurements
  • Customized target response